Melissa McClelland, you’ll be in my heart while I “Jerk It”

I’m so bummed.mmcclelland-1

This morning, I was talking to the lovely Emily from Six Shooter Records, and she kindly reminded me that one of my new favorite artists Melissa McClelland will be playing here in Vancouver tomorrow night, April 25, at the Media Club—the SAME night I plan to watch the electro/thrash/power pop duo Thunderheist paint the town funky at the Biltmore Cabaret.

Ugh. I hate deciding between two fantastic concerts. But more than that, I hate looking at my watch and leaving halfway through a band’s set. 

And so what does this all mean? Sorry, McClelland. I’ll have to pass on your colorful folk-pop tunes this time around. I will give you my complete devotion next time you roll through town. I promise. 

But as a consolation, I will think of you while I “Jerk It.” And I’ll pay a little tribute to you here. 

McClelland’s third album Victoria Day makes me think of a shy country girl playing a grand piano on the porch of her rural home. Quiet, composed, and blushing with passion, her voice is stunning, her melodies are tasteful and a thin veil of rich elegance ties it all together. Produced by Luke Doucet, Victoria Day is McClelland’s Six Shooter Debut, and what a debut it is. “A Girl Can Dream” kicks of the record, featuring sultry guitars, moody percussion and McClelland’s growly vocals. “Cry On Your Shoulder” and “When The Lights Went Off In Hogtown” are a bit more soulful, adding a bluesy feel to the disc. Yup, Six Shooter’s got another near-perfect album to put on their mantle piece, not to mention another artist who’ll end up on “Best of 2009” lists everywhere. 

Here’s the song “A Girl Can Dream” off of Victoria Day. I can’t get enough of it. 

One Response to “Melissa McClelland, you’ll be in my heart while I “Jerk It””
  1. Kaleigh says:

    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it udenrsatndbale.

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