Special edition podcast: Women in Indie Music

Courtesy of CBC Radio 3

Courtesy of CBC Radio 3

This post (and photo) is courtesy of my comrades at CBC Radio 3. It was written by Superwoman herself, Lisa Christiansen.

A few months ago a UBC journalism intern named Amanda Ash walked into CBC Radio 3 with an idea. She wanted to find out what it’s like to be an indie Canadian female artist, circa 2009.

What Amanda discovered ended up becoming the catalyst for this special CBC Radio 3 podcast. As well as interviews with Jenn Grant, Black Mountain/Lightning Dust’s Amber Webber, Amy Millan of Stars and Maya Miller of the Pack AD, you’ll hear music from La Patere Rose, Reverie Sound Revue, Peaches, Metric and Sarah Harmer.

It’s all a bit like a chick flick without the breakups and make overs, just good stories and music.

One Response to “Special edition podcast: Women in Indie Music”
  1. sounds pretty rad Amanda Ash!

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