There must’ve been something in the water (feat. The Falklands)

The Falklands, picture courtesy of Myspace

The Falklands, picture courtesy of Myspace

Last week, I got an e-mail from an old friend from junior high. Mark Budd and I haven’t spoken in nearly 10 years, but I still vividly remember his awesome Chuck Taylors and Mad Bomber Society t-shirts.

From what I remember, Budd was a huge music junkie so it was no surprise to hear that he was a part of a band in Edmonton. That band is called The Falklands—and they’re pretty fantastic.

The poppy punk rockers recently released a 7″ record . “Stephanie” is the A-side and”Jeez Louise” is the B-side.  They recorded it back in April, only a few months after forming.

Here are the two tracks, respectively:

Now you must be asking, “What’s up with your blog title?” You see, Budd and I went to the same junior high (and were in the same grade) with a couple famous musical whizzes you might recognize—Cadence Weapon, aka Rollie Pemberton, and Ten Second Epic’s Craig Spelliscy.

I think it’s kind of funny how the four of us ended up in the music industry. Coincidence? Or was there something in the water?

I’d dig up a class picture and post it here, but I’d rather not remember those days. My braces and glasses weren’t what I’d call flattering.


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