My Sister Ocean embrace Edmonton winters, release new single “The First Snow”


Holden Daniels and Eugenio Pacileo of My Sister Ocean

If you’ve ever lived in Edmonton, then you know the city only ever experiences two seasons: summer and winter. One day it’s sunny and 30C, and the next there’s a blizzard outside your window.

Now, you can either complain about the harsh prairie winters or welcome them with open arms. Holden Daniels and Eugenio Pacileo, also known as Edmonton’s bass/drum rock duo My Sister Ocean, prefer the latter.

They’re set to release an original holiday (yup, it’s almost that time of the year again) single aptly titled “The First Snow” on iTunes November 10. Technically, the first snow in Edmonton happened, like, two months ago, so really, My Sister Ocean aren’t really jumping the gun on the Christmas season.

“It was partially inspired by the first snow this September,” Daniels says about the song via Facebook message. “My four-year-old’s reaction to it was one of wonderment and excitement. She remembered how last year we made snowmen on the day of the first snowfall and wanted to immediately go out and play.

“I already had an idea that I wanted to write a snow themed song, but seeing her reaction reminded me of being a kid and being so thrilled about the newness of my environment. I wrote the words pretty quickly and recorded the song a few days later. I kept the tempo relatively slow because I thought it suited the visual of large, slowly falling snowflakes.”

From my perspective, “The First Snow” is a mellow, hypnotic electro-rock track that sounds like Frosty The Snowman’s been given a Fender and some magic green grass. Pretty awesome, I know. The beginning almost sounds like John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over),” but then it expands into a sleek song that makes you want to whip out some shades and strut in front of the Christmas tree whilst still in your pajamas.

Although “The First Snow” is definitely a holiday tune, Daniels says it’s one you can listen to well into the new year—and if you live in Edmonton, you can probably listen to it right up until summer comes in May.

“We’re thinking it’s right in there as a Christmas/Holiday song. I kept Christmas out of the lyrics though because I wanted it to be like ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ or any other Holiday song that isn’t Christmas specific.”

Listen to “The First Snow” below, then buy it on iTunes November 10:

One Response to “My Sister Ocean embrace Edmonton winters, release new single “The First Snow””
  1. Jared Banks says:

    love love love this band! thanks for sharing the song!

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