Download Brian Borcherdt’s new album Torches (& the Ward Colorado demos) for free

Brian Borcherdt, better known as one-fourth of the Toronto dance/noise band Holy Fuck, has released his latest solo record Torches (& the Ward Colorado demos), which is available to download absolutely free. Free! Want it? Get it HERE.

Torches is a follow-up to his debut solo album, 2008’s Coyotes. It was recorded in Toronto, coastal Yarmouth of Nova Scotia, and in the mountains near Ward, Colorado. The collection includes home demos and unfinished album attempts from 2004-2006.

Here’s what his website has to say about the record:

“During a time when Holy Fuck was gaining amazing amounts of international exposure, it seems natural that Brian would seek solace in his more introspective and composed work. Due to a busy tour schedule these works remained simple and unadorned personal archives. As time went on, Brian admits that these songs were often forgotten, re-remembered, re-examined, and over-scrutinized. But what results is a compelling and personal portrait of a complete dedication to music, story, and expression.

“The first day of 2009 nearly marked the end for Torches. Following a Chicago New Years performance, a taxi cab rushed off with just about every piece of Brian’s recent recorded life locked in the trunk. His lesson learned: You can only hold onto something for so long. Time, and the occasional misstep, have a way of making things disappear. Upon the return of his belongings a tormented two weeks later, Brian decided to follow that sage happening, and finally release this collection of songs. To keep with their intended spirit he decided to release them for free online. Hand Drawn Dracula is pleased to bring you ‘Torches (& the Ward Colorado demos)’, an intimate collection of songs, almost never released, by one of Canada’s most devoted cultural navigators. They are finally out of his hands so that they may find their way into yours.”

The album showcases subtle, Delphic acoustic melodies wrought with a sense of the forlorn and the unknown. Borcherdt is a songwriting God; in an instant you’ll find his soft, simple and sympathetic songs encouraging your heart to set out on a wild, emotional trek.

2 Responses to “Download Brian Borcherdt’s new album Torches (& the Ward Colorado demos) for free”
  1. wow, thanks for share. downloadning in proccess.. 🙂

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