Indie ladies who lunch: Jeanette Stewart edition

On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Saskatoon’s Jeanette Stewart for lunch at The Edge cafe to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry. She was in town to play a solo show at Café Deux Soleils.

When she’s not playing music with Slow Down Molasses, her band The Brodeo, or simply hitting the road by herself, Jeanette freelances for the StarPhoenix. She also hosts a show on Saskatoon’s campus radio. Over the summer, she actually interviewed me about my Radio 3 documentary on Women In Music. Jeanette asked me one of the toughest questions ever: she challenged me to name as many female musicians as I could in a minute. It wasn’t easy. So I decided to ask her the same question to see how well she’d do.

Listen to the interview below.

And here’s one of her songs (my favourite). It’s called “Light.”

2 Responses to “Indie ladies who lunch: Jeanette Stewart edition”
  1. Pete Janes says:

    Hello Ladies,

    Loved the interview! Come on about female singers…Sylvia Tyson, Jonie Mitchell,
    Anne Murray, Lynn Harrison (local Toronto), Alex Hickey (local TO), Madison Violet,
    the list is way long….even I could fill that thirty seconds up and still be at it. Ladies
    in Music are legendary as the hills…siren songs of the sea luring sailors to their
    watery graves…way back to the ancient Greek seafarer Odysseus. Anyways, I’m just razzing you two. A very nice interview and such a gentle song Jeannette! Proud of you both!
    Silly Uncle Pete.

  2. Voyno says:

    Jeanette stewart is such a gem! Great interview.

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