The Indie Files’ top ten albums of 2009

You Say Party! We Say Die! and their record XXXX top the Indie Files' best-of list for 2009. Photo taken by myself at the CBC Vancouver open house, December 2009.

Well, folks, 2009 is coming to a close. Music magazines and online music sites everywhere are busy publishing their favourite albums of 2009, so it only makes sense that the Indie Files contribute its own year-end list to the blogosphere.


Oh, and I wanna know: how does this list stack up to your personal list?

10. Jenn Grant, Echoes (Six Shooter)

Although Jenn Grant’s previous album Orchestra For The Moon is probably stronger than Echoes, Echoes is nonetheless a fantastic, dreamy album that explores the misty reality of heartbreak.

Favourite track: “You’ll Go Far”

9. Metric, Fantasies (Last Gang)

It took me a while to really get to know Fantasties, but once I did, the album became a great friend to hang out with.

Favourite track: “Gimme Sympathy”

8. Timber Timbre, Timber Timbre (Arts & Crafts)

Timber Timbre’s eerie, slightly-possessed folk tunes are oddly comforting when it’s dark and grey outside.

Favourite track: “Demon Host”

7. Amy Millan, Masters Of The Burial (Arts & Crafts)

Millan takes her sophomore solo record to the next level, bringing out all the flavours of love in her sweet, succulent songs.

Favourite track: “Into The Dark”

6. Champion, Resistance (MapleMusic)

From the moment I heard DJ Champion’s latest dance-happy record Resistance, I knew I was destined to get sweaty.

Favourite track: “Alive Again”

5. Amelia Curran, Hunter, Hunter (Six Shooter)

Amelia Curran always leaves me smiling at the power of a lone voice, a single guitar and an open heart.

Favourite track: “Hands On A Grain Of Sand”

4. The Racoons, Islomania (Independent)

I was a bit late to catch on to The Racoons’ pop-rock brilliance. Now, they’re one of my absolute favourite west coast gems.

Favourite track: “Tangiers”

3. Tegan & Sara, Sainthood (Vapor)

I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to this record. Ok, wait, yes I can: iTunes tells me it’s in the ballpark of 75 listens.

Favourite track: “The Cure”

2. Great Lake Swimmers, Lost Channels (Nettwerk)

The Great Lake Swimmers are one of my favourite bands of all time. I feel like they’re my children; as such, my duty is to brag about them whenever I can.

Favourite track: “Pulling On A Line”

1. You Say Party! We Say Die!, XXXX (Paper Bag)

Without a doubt, XXXX takes the number one spot this year. YSP! WSD!’s catchy, emotional, and well-produced pop rock is perfect in every way.

Favourite track: “Lonely’s Lunch”

12 Responses to “The Indie Files’ top ten albums of 2009”
  1. Brenda says:

    Your top 2 would be in my top 10 as well. XXXX climbed up my personal 2009 chart very quickly. I’ve listened through it… twice today, actually.

  2. Andrew says:

    Here’s a question (and apologies if I should know the answer, I’m new to the blog): did you purposely choose only Canadian artists, or is that just the way it came up? Not that I’m questioning it, my top albums of the last five years would be almost exclusively Canadian, and there’s maybe three non-Canadian albums I’ve listened to from 2009.

    Great list.

  3. Amanda Ash says:

    @Andrew: This blog is wholly dedicated to Canadian indie music, so naturally all of my choices are Canadian indie albums! Thanks for reading. AA.

  4. chrisrwhite says:

    Not to be overly picky, but I believe “Hometowns” was released in early 2008.

  5. Racoons crush. I love those guys!

  6. Lenny says:

    That’s surprising to see YSP!WSD! as your #1 pick of 2009. 🙂 I am still hooked on XXXX. I still have trouble saying their album title on-air. 🙂
    I guess Three by Joel Plaskett wasn’t worthy on your list?

  7. bryan says:

    That Ms. Curran album is so great, and so overlooked. Nice list! Our EPs will be up starting Thursday and Monday starts the LP. We will have an extra special Wheat Pool treat for you 🙂


  8. Amanda Ash says:

    @chrisrwhite: You’re right; I’m dumb. Hometowns was a 2008 album. I will replace it pronto. Thanks for pointing that out!

  9. Amanda Ash says:

    @bryan: Mmmmmmm … I like Wheat Pool treats!

  10. Cat says:

    It’s so great to see the Racoons on here. I saw them open for the Von Bondies in Edmonton, and they blew the crowd away!

  11. Sam Martorana says:

    “Laura Palmer’s Prom” is my song of the freakin’ YEAR!!

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