Woodpigeon talks Die Stadt Muzikanten, home, and oil money

Mark Hamilton of Woodpigeon, performing at the Biltmore.

Mark Hamilton, a.k.a. the main man and foundation of folk-pop band Woodpigeon, took the time before his show at the Biltmore Cabaret yesterday to chat about his new album, Die Stadt Muzikanten.

Die Stadt Muzikanten is the Calgary musician’s third release, largely influenced by Hamilton’s explorations and ruminations about his heritage. Sonically, Die Stadt Muzikanten is full of lush instrumentals and vibrant, melodic landscapes; it’s a fantastic record that’s as refreshing as a walk in the woods.

He’s a quiet man, Mr. Hamilton, but he’s definitely not outspoken. Our conversation strayed a bit near the end, touching on Alberta’s oil culture. We were even graced with some cheesy dance music and a laser light show at one point, which was kind of annoying. Oh well. When you hear it, just pretend it’s background music.

Here’s the interview:

As for the concert itself: the show was great. Pretty low-key, although it was definitely a bit heavier sounding since Hamilton played with a full band. I saw him play solo when he opened for Basia Bulat at St. James Hall a while back, and comparing the two shows, I prefer his acoustic sets. I find Hamilton’s songs extremely intimate, so the bigger “band” sound didn’t quite do it for me.

Also, he didn’t play any of my Die Stadt favourites—”Empty-Hall Sing-Along,” “Morningside,” “Enchantée Janvier,” or my favourite from his last record Treasury Library Canada, “7th Fret Over Andres.” I was a bit sad, but it was still a great night overall.

Here’s “Enchantée Janvier” and “7th Fret Over Andres.”

And here’s a video of last night’s performance of “Spirehouse,” a song that can be found on Die Stadt Muzikanten.


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