Music from the mailbag

Every day I get a number of fantastic CDs in the mail (and via e-mail) that I simply don’t get a chance to write about, so I’ve decided to post first impressions and mini-reviews of some of the great music I receive.

In today’s mailbag:

Kate Maki, Two Song Wedding (Released January 12 on OWOM Records)

Two Song Wedding is very sparse, very raw and very visceral. It’s one of those records you don’t actively listen to; it’s an album you let your bones interpret.

This song is called “Bloodshot And Blistered.”

Matthew Barber, True Believer (Out February 23 on Outside Music)

True Believer is full of hooks. It’s kind of like wandering through the Temple of Doom, except you’re confronted with romantic folk whispers, lovely melodies and a fiery rock effervescence with every step.

This song is called “Revolution Of The Sun.”

Aidan Knight, Versicolour (Out March 2 on Adventure Boys Club)

Versicolour is a charming pop album that’s got a rugged sonic shell and a soft, melancholic centre. Knight reminds me of the of Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan.

This song is called “Jasper.”

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