My latest obsession: Tim Gilbertson

I claim ownership of Tim Gilbertson.

What am I talking about, you ask? Here’s the deal:

Yesterday, my fantastic Radio 3 co-worker Lana Gay sat down with Vancouver singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas. During the interview, Lana explained to Hannah and myself how she was the first Radio 3 host to listen to Georgas’ demo and bring it to the rest of folks here. The words she used went something like this: “I own Hannah Georgas. I discovered her. Therefore, I own her.”

SO ANYWAY, I’ve always been a huge fan of Tim Gilbertson ever since he released his self-titled album in 2007. I recently got my paws on his sophomore record, Palisades, due out May 11 on Pop Echo Records, and with that my friends, I’m happy to announce I am still a big fan of Mr. Gilbertson. Mark my words: he will be big. And I will own him.

So. How about that album?

Palisades is the perfect dreamy, pop-rock album for the summer. The Edmonton-based singer-songwriter has harnessed time in his record, managing to capture that childhood state of mind where the clock moves slower than the spring caterpillars on the sidewalk. The album also reflects a fresh, outdoors-y feel, which can be attributed to his growing up in the mountain ranges near Hinton, Alberta. In fact, the Palisade is a big mountain ridge along the Yellowhead Highway, a metaphor for the kind of “road bump” in life he had to cross to make the album (it’s been three years since his debut). There’s definitely a sense of cohesion on the record; all of the songs fit together like the joins in a spiderweb, creating an effervescent collection of sunny tunes. Opener “Chipped Teeth” makes you want to get the air guitar out, while songs like “Return To Sender” and “Sinner” boast Gilbertson’s familiar hushed vocals, spiralling guitars and feel-good percussion. With Palisades, Gilbertson has most definitely climbed over that mountain to create an album that is mature, focused and absolutely unforgettable.

The band is Tim Gilberston: vocals, guitar, keyboards Graeme Mellway: drums/percussion Cam Grier: bass Drew Malcolm: guitar.

Palisades was recorded at Edmontone Studios with Doug Organ and mastered at Joao Carvalho in Toronto.

Track list:

1. Chipped Teeth

2. Second Opinions

3. Return to Sender

4. Sinners

5. You’re Out There

6. Beauty Queens

7. Last Ditch Attempts

8. Holga 120s

9. Losing Sleep

10. Saviours


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