Vancouver singer-songwriter Louise Burns sets a new musical fire

Photo: Handout

Story published in the Vancouver Sun on February 1, 2011.

Louise Burns has played sidekick for pretty much her entire musical career. She’s Batman’s Robin. Maverick’s Goose. Han Solo’s Chewbacca. From the age of 11 when she co-founded the all-girl, Juno-nominated band Lillix to her present day involvement in groups such as The Blue Violets, the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter has floated by relatively unnoticed, happily slapping her bass while dancing on the fringes of the spotlight.

Burns is the ultimate wingwoman, but with the release of her debut solo album Mellow Drama, she’s ready to graduate from Tonto to Lone Ranger.

“It’s a bit nerve wracking. I haven’t ever had this much attention paid to just me before,” Burns says with a laugh. “It kind of freaks me out. But it’s new and interesting and it’s fun; I love being in control as far as music goes. Now I’m in charge of my own stuff.”

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Here is her video for “What Do You Wanna Do.”



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