Pop goes Rae Spoon

By Amanda Ash “I was writing love songs ― I guess I was writing love-pop songs,” singer-songwriter Rae Spoon says, describing the tunes he penned for his latest release Love Is A Hunter. Spoon pauses, then jokingly laughs at how the “love-pop” label must portray him. “This is terrible for my career!” Spoon may have ventured … Continue reading

Hannah Georgas: The Tipping Point

Th May 2010 cover story for Exclaim! Magazine By Amanda Ash “It’s a really great feeling to know people want to hear my opinion and my advice on music. It’s an honour,” Hannah Georgas says demurely, detailing her current position as a mentor and expert in a local music program. “It’s amazing to sit on … Continue reading

Where I Play: Vertical Studios

Featured in the May issue of Exclaim! Magazine By Amanda Ash Located in Vancouver producer Tom Dobrzanski’s basement apartment, Vertical Studios doesn’t look like your typical indie-rocker hangout. The place is void of that familiar cigarettes-and-sweat aroma. There are no mud-chunked Converse sneakers kicking around. No half-empty beer cans stuck to the floor. No guitars, … Continue reading

The future of Canadian music

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to talk to youth involved The Cultch’s IGNITE! Mentorship Program about media relations in the arts. I sat on a panel with Janet Smith, arts editor at the Georgia Straight, and Rebecca Sharma, media coordinator for The Cultch. Collectively, we chatted about the steps one needs to take in … Continue reading

Canadian Futures: Dan Mangan

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the National Post to flex my future-seeing eye. The Ampersand approached a select number of Canadian music critics, bloggers and mega-fans for an answer to this question: If you were buying stocks in music, which up and coming Canadian musical act would you invest in? Here was … Continue reading

Tegan & Sara: Sisters of Mercy

November cover story for Exclaim! Magazine By Amanda Ash “For people to trust you and believe you, they have to see you a little bit. I’m not afraid to expose myself in that way,” says Sara Quin, of sibling duo Tegan and Sara. The petite brunette has just led me into the heart of the … Continue reading

And so the Canadian music wiki project begins

Today is the first day of what is sure to be an insane four months. I have reclaimed my previous Radio 3 fort/cubicle from when I was an intern here at the CBC in May. All is quiet, save for the tap-tap-tapping of keyboards. Lana and Lisa, my cubicle buddies, are working diligently. Chris is … Continue reading

Amy Millan: songs of love and loss

By Amanda Ash It’s been three years since Amy Millan released her debut solo album Honey From The Tombs, stepping outside the glittery pop stardom of Stars and Broken Social Scene to give breath to her own saccharine sweet melodies and whiskey-soaked tales about love, death, loss and gaping distances. Today, that same confident, philosophical voice … Continue reading

Special edition podcast: Women in Indie Music

This post (and photo) is courtesy of my comrades at CBC Radio 3. It was written by Superwoman herself, Lisa Christiansen. A few months ago a UBC journalism intern named Amanda Ash walked into CBC Radio 3 with an idea. She wanted to find out what it’s like to be an indie Canadian female artist, circa … Continue reading

Malajube bridges language gap with music

Say what? That’s the reaction most English-speaking audiences have when they listen to the ornate French lyrics of Montreal-based pop-rock group Malajube. But according to vocalist and keyboardist Thomas Augustin, it’s this language divide that’s bringing the band closer to their diverse and ever-growing fan base. “It’s the musicality of the band that drives the … Continue reading

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