Winter Gloves smell like teen spirit

First it was Woodhands covering Katy Perry, and now, Montréal’s electro-pop group Winter Gloves have decided to hail the almighty Kurt Cobain by covering Nirvana’s hit song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Winter Gloves perform a haunting rendition of the song. There’s no screaming. No palpable angst. Instead, children sing the chorus and the lyrics sound … Continue reading

Woodhands cover “I Kissed A Girl,” and I like it

Toronto’s indietronica duo Woodhands *heart* Katy Perry. And there’s no better way to show their devotion to a hot, famous, Zooey Deschanel look alike who encourages all the club girls to make out with each other than to cover her popular song, “I Kissed A Girl.” Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt have exchanged Perry’s pop pizzazz … Continue reading

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